The Ballinasloe Dojo Celebrates 40 years of
1976 - 2016

Classes resume on Monday, 7pm. 3rd September 2018 The Emerald Ballroom, Ballinasloe.

Beginners classes Monday, 7pm. 10th September 2018.

BallinaLeo Mulvany Sensei IKKIsleo Karate Classes:

Ballinasloe Karate Club (IKKI Honbu Dojo), Emerald Ballroom, Fair Green, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.
Instructor: Sensei Leo Mulvany, 7th Dan Karatedo, 5th Dan Kobudo.

Classes: Monday & Wednesday, 7-8pm. for juniors (> 7years of age) and 7-9.pm. for adults.

For more information phone Leo on 0874159858


Karate is not just about "combat"

Karate is the ultimate in unarmed self-defence
Karate is one of the most balanced and complete ways of keeping in good physical condition
Karate is a way of increasing one's confidence and self-esteem
Karate is a bridge to other cultures and times
Karate establishes sense contact with one's own body
Karate is a means of developing friendship
Karate at its best is a means of gaining self-understanding

If you choose to begin karate, good luck with your new venture _____________________________________________________________________

For more information Phone Sensei Leo : (090)9642932, Mobile 0874159858 or
Email: leomulvany1@eircom.net

Sensei Leo Mulvany is the Chief Instructor of Itosu-kai Karatedo Ireland. He began his karate career in 1976 under the tutelage of Sensei Rchard Hayes and was Richard's first student to rank to black belt. This he ikkidid in 1981 when he ranked to shodan in Toronto, Canada under Shihan Kei Tsumura 8th Dan Karate-do, 7th Dan Kobu-do, Chief Instructor of Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai, Canada. The IKKI has over 40 years of association with the Canadian Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai association, which over time has produced a relationship of sport, friendship and family. Mulvany Sensei holds the ranks of 7th Dan in Karate and 5th Dan in Kobudo. He has competed in kumite and kata at all levels during his career including each of the last five IKIF World Championships; Tokyo, Japan (2002), Los Angeles, USA (2005), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2009), Osaka, Japan (2013) and Shanghai, China 2017.

Leo Mulvany, 7th Dan Karatedo, 5th Dan Kobudo (Chief Instructor IKKI).

The IKKI is a founding member of the Itosu-Ryu Karatedo International Federation (IKIF).
The IKIF has a membership of 20 countries from around the world with it's HQ in Yokohama, Japan. Mulvany Sensei is a director of the IKIF Europe branch. The IKKI is also a member of the NGB for karate in Ireland, ONAKAI. Sensei has a number of functions in ONAKAI:


  • Secretary of O.N.A.K.A.I.
  • Member of the Technical Committee
  • Member of the National Board Of Examiners
  • Coach tutor & secretary of the Coach Tutors Committee
  • Current ONAKAI Judge "A" Kata & Referee "B" Kumite (ONAKAI Referees Commission)
  • NGB Anti-Doping Officer

If you are interested in karate, plese drop in any training night or make contact with us.

Ballinasloe Dojo (Honbu)

Classes: Monday & Wednesday, 7 - 8pm. for Juniors. 7 - 9pm. for Adults.

Cub location: The Emerald Ballroom, Fair Green, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

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