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IKKI Black Belt Ranking, December 2018

IKKI Black belt ranking December 2018

Standing, L->R: Evan Donelan (Nidan), Wojciech Jurasz (Shodan), Aaron Fortune (Shodan), Aoife O'Grady (Nidan), Eimear Porter (Nidan), April Curran (Nidan), Faye Mulvany (Nidan), Sean Power (Shodan), Martin Coen (Shodan), Niall Costello (Nidan) & Nathan Donelan (Nidan). Seated, L->R, Ranking Panel: Kevin Casey, Claire Harte, Tony Dolphin, Leo Mulvany, Marie Dolphin, John Dolphin & Donal Monahan.
All students performed excellently, great performances and worthy of their new ranks. Their official certificates and belts will follow from Soke Sadaaki Sakagami, Yokohama, Japan in the new year.

IKKI at ONAKAI Refereeing Course

IKKI refereeing with Primoz Debonek
Mr. Primoz Debonek is one of Europes foremost WKF referees.
ONAKAI held a weekend refereeing course 23rd - 25th November 2018. Left - right: Niall Costello, Leo Mulvany, Primoz Debonek & Claire Harte. The course was presented by Mr. Debonek who also assessed all candidates for judge & refereeing positions. This involved assessment at the WadoKai European Championships held in Dublin on Saturday, 24th and exams on the 25th. Niall Costello was recommended for Junior competitions, Claire Harte received "Judge A" certification and Leo Mulvany received "Referee A" certification. Great weekend and well done to all concerned.


IKKI National Karate Championships November 2018

IKKI juniors 2018

The IKKI held their biannual National Karate Championships in the Newinn Dojo, November 2018. The turn out was the largest to date. A huge thanks to all the parents who bring their children to our karate classes, to all our tournament competitors, junior & senior. Also our officials both tatami attendents, score keepers, time keepers, referees and judges. Special mention to Sensei Claire Harte who managed the tournament on the day and Sensei Tony Dolphin, tournament host. Referees: Leo Mulvany, Tony Dolphin, Kevin Casey, Donal Monahan, Jake Mulvany, Nathan Donelan and Niall Costello.

IKKI Nats ladies 2018

IKKI nats 2018 boys

IKKI 2018 nationals sen kata

IKKI nationals 2018 senior men

IKKI Compete at the 24th WKF Senior World Championships Madrid,Spain 5-11 November 2018

Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland competed at the WKF Karate Championships in Madrid, Spain, recently. Una Flynn was the sole IKKI competitor for Kata in the ladies senior individual competition. Una performed to her very best but was matched against a very formidable opponent who managed to get the majority of flags.
IKKI at the WKFs IKKI and Antonio Espinos
L->R: Marie Dolphin, Una Flynn & John Dolphin overlooking the WKF competition area in the WiZink center. L->R: Leo Mulvany (ONAKAI Secretary), Peter Coyle (ONAKAI President), Antonio Espinós (WKF President) and Jim Green.

Una Competed for Ireland at the WKF Championships under O.N.A.K.A.I. Marie Dolphin (IKKI National Kata Coach) was present as the ONAKAI National Kata Coach supported by John Dolphin. Leo Mulvany was present in a supporting role to ONAKAI. While attending the WKF Championships, Marie, John & Leo attended the "Accredited Coaches Briefing". Marie & Leo sat exams for the certified Kata Coach with Leo sitting the exam for Certified Kumite Coach also. The Championships were a spectacle, excellently run and the standard of karate was as you would expect, "world class". 131 countries took part, 547 male entries, 452 female entries with 1114 athletes in total (WKF Website Stats.). Role on Tokyo 2020!


IKKI Compete At The ONAKAI National Junior Kumite
Championships 2018

IKKI at ONAKAI National Jnr Kumite Championships 2018




IKKI competed at the O.N.A.K.A.I. National Junior Kumite Championships in October 2018. The event in Dublin proved very successful for the fighters from the WEST! Rear L->R: Michael Duane, Gavin Daly, Niall Costello (Bronze), Claire Harte, Leo Mulvany, Cathal Duane (Silver), Tony Dolphin. Front L->R: Sean Foley Armour (Silver & Bronze in open weight), Eoghan Duane (Bronze), Josh Judge (Gold), Niamh Costello (Bronze), Philip Costello, Laura Costello and Kevin Duane (Gold). Well done to all for competing. Gavin was a score keeper, Niall & Tony were judges, Leo refereed and Claire ran the event). Great team effort.

IKKI attend the CIKA Open Karate Championships 2018IKKI at the CIKA 2018




IKKI took part in the CIKA Open Karate Championships 2018. L->R: Marie Dolphin (IKKI & ONAKAI National Kata Coach), April Curran, Shane Hyland, Eimear Porter (Gold in Kata), Kate Kelly, John Dolphin (IKKI assist, National Coach), Josh Judge (Gold in Kata, Bronze in team Kumite), Leo Mulvany (IKKI Chief Instructor & ONAKAI Referee) and Eimear Porter. Congratulations to all for superb individual and team efforts.

IKKI attend the O.N.A.K.A.I National Junior Kata Championships\ikki at ONAKAI Jnr Champs 2018

Attending the ONAKAI National Junior Kata Championships in the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe:
Rear, L->R: Josh Judge, Nathan Donelan, April Curran, Shane Hyland, Sean Power, Leona Donelan, Faye Mulvany & Evan Donelan. Middle row: Niamh Costello, Caoimhe Naughton, Siofra Naughton, Mia Shanley, Laura Costello, Sean Keighery, Conor Naughton, Philip Costello, Sarah O'Quigley & Ava Shanley. Frony: Niall Costello, Claire Harte, Leo Mulvany, Tony Dolphin, Marie Dolphin & John Dolphin.
Click here for results

IKKI Compete At The Senior Karate EuropeansIKKI Serbia

"Congratulations to Una Flynn and Shane Dolphin selected for the Irish Team to compete in the 53rd Senior Karate Europeans. The Championships were held In Novi Sad, Serbia. This was the first major competition for karate athletes since the announcement that Karate would be an event in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Both Una and Shane had worked hard on their preparation in the lead up to the competition. Una was up against a strong opponent from Montenegro. Una did a good Kata but lost out to a more technically performed kata from her opponent in the second round. Shanes opponent was from Latvia, both men looked strong as they performed their kata`s but in the end the Latvian won the flags from the referees sending him through to the third round. Una and Shane can build on the experience they gained competing at this level. Marie Dolphin attended in her role as National Kata Coach and John Dolphin attended in a supporting role for all of the athletes."

IKKI Black Belt Ranks Awarded

IKKI 2018 black belts
IKKI received their official 1st Dan Degree Black Belt Ranks (Shodan) and certificates from Soke Sakagami, Yokohama, Japan, headquarters of Itosu-Ryu Karatedo International Federation (IKIF). The new ranks were presented at the IKKI April colour belt ranking in the Loughrea Dojo. Standing L->R: Ray Coen, Faye Mulvany, Marcus Doherty, Donal Monahan, Tony Dolphin, Leo Mulvany, Kevin Casey, Joe Gunter, Martin Ryan & Evan Donelan. Kneeling, L->R: Gavin Daly, Peter Behan, Leona Donelan, Joshua Judge, Darragh Blake, Sarah Coen, Colin Blake, David Sipa & Eoin Costelo.
Leo Mulvany, Chief Instructor, IKKI, was awarded 7th Dan by Soke Sakagami. Mulvany Sensei held the rank of 6th Dan for 12 years. This is indeed a great honour, for the IKKI and Mulvany Sensei, who gratefully accepts this honour on behalf of the IKKI association, all it's students and the club Sensei's.

IKKI and introduction to coachingIKKI Students Introduction To Coaching

IKKI students completed the ONAKAI Introduction To Coaching in April 2018. L->R: Stephen Murray (Coach Tutor), Niall Costello, April Curran, Faye Mulvany, Evan Donelan & Leo Mulvany (Coach Tutor). Twenty two karateka attended the day long course from various karate styles. The course is run by ONAKAI coach tutors under the auspices of Coaching Ireland.

IKKI Compete at the Scottish
Open Karate Championships, April 2018

IKKI at Scottish Open

IKKI competed at the Scottish Open Karate Championships, at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, April 2018. Many supporters and family also attended. L->R; John Dolphin, Marie Dolphin, David Feury, Sarah O’Quigley, Shane O’Quigley, Una Flynn, Eimear Porter, Niall Costello, Joshua Judge, Tommy Nee and Leo Mulvany.
Results: Sarah O Quigley, Female Cadet Kata, Gold. Shane O Quigley, Male Junior Kata, Bronze. Eimear Porter, Senior Female Kata, Silver  & Under 21 Female Kata, Bronze.
Congratulations to all, competitors and coaches and family for their support and enthusiasm.

2018 All-Ireland Intervarsity Karate Championships IKKI Faye and Nathan

The 2018 All-Ireland Intervarsity Karate Championships took place at University College Cork, Mardyke Arena, Mardyke Sports Grounds, Mardyke Walk, Western Road, Cork City. The IKKI were represented by Nathan Donelan & Faye Mulvany. Nathan took gold in the mens senior kata event and Faye took bronze in the ladies senior kata event. Jake Mulvany attended as coach. Well done to all, great performances.

IKKI attend a Civic Reception held on 26th March 2018, at Áras an Chontae

IKKI at Civic Reception

The reception was held to honour the achievements of various sporting groups for outstanding achievements. IKKI were honoured primarily for the four gold medals won at the IKIF International Karate Championships in Shanghai, China last August. A special presentation was made to the Gold medal winners by the Cathaoirleach of Galway County Council, Cllr. Eileen Mannion to Eimear Porter, Pamela Nee, Marie Dolphin and Chief Instructor Leo Mulvany on winning Gold Medals at the Championships as well as a presentation to Marie & John Dolphin on behalf of the two clubs for the ongoing contribution the clubs make in their local communities. 

IKKI Kata and Kumite Squad session

IKKI Squads
IKKI kata & kumite Squad session, Kiltormer March 2018

Ballinasloe & Newinn Dojos take part in the
Ballinasloe St. Patricks Day Parade

IKKI St. Patricks Parade


IKKI Ireland Compete at the Ireland Wadokai Karate-Do Renmei International Karate Championships
Saturday 10 th March 2018

IKKI at Wadokai 2018

L->R rear: David Feury, Evan Donelan, Niall Costello, Danny Coen, Sean Foley-Armour, Tommy Nee, Sarah Monahan, Kate Kelly, Shane O'Quigley, Leona Donelan. L-R front: Joshua Judge, Darragh Blake, Shane Hyland, Niamh Costello, Philip Costello, Sarah O'Quigley, Eimear Porter, Una Flynn, & Pamela Nee.

Ballinasloe IKKI

L->R: Leo Mulvany, April Curran, Laura Costello, Gavin Daly & Eoin Costello.
Coaches on the day: David Feury & Pamela Nee.
Referee on the day, Leo Mulvany

Laura Costello, Girls U 8 Kata: Bronze, Girls U 8 Kumite: Bronze
Leona Donelan, Girls U 14 kata: Bronze
Sarah O'Quigley, Female cadet kata: Gold
Shane Hyland, Male cadet kata: Silver
Sean Foley Armour, Male cadet kata: Bronze, Male cadet kumite: Bronze
Eimear Porter, Senior female kata: Gold
Kate Kelly, Senior female kata: Silver
Sarah Monaghan, Senior female kata: Bronze
Una Flynn, Senior female kata: Bronze, Female senior kumite: Silver
Shane O'Quigley, Male junior kata: Gold
Tommy Nee, Male junior kata: Silver
Pamela Nee, Veteran female kata: Bronze
Evan Donelan, Niall Costello & Danny Coen, Senior team kata: Silver

A fantastic team effort from IKKI, excellent performances from all IKKI competitors. Special thanks to the coaches on the day who also competed in the tournament. Huge thanks for all the family support without which our success would not be possible.



IKKI Blac belt group

IKKI Win at the Ballinasloe People Awards November 2017

IKKI ballinasloe people awards

Sports and Recreation Team Award won by the IKKI at the Ballinasloe People of the Year awards. This category recognised specific sports teams who have excelled in their chosen sport and represented their town with distinction. Sports and Recreation is important in creating a healthier lifestyle for the whole community. There were 10 teams in this category.
The IKKI submitted their team, made up of all the head instructors in the clubs. The emphasis was on the impact karate has had on commnuities over the past 40 years, the contribution karate has made to peoples lives in our communities, the friendships that have been made on a global basis and of course our substantial achievements over the years.
Present on the night, L->R: Martin Ryan, John Dolphin, Marie Dolphin, Tony Dolphin, Leo Mulvany, Claire Harte & Olivia Blake (IKKI awards proposer). Click here for Team Submission Document.

Itosu-Kai Ireland Compete at the World Junior Karate Championships

IKKI at Jnr Worlds

 IKKI members  who competed for Karate Ireland at the 2017 Junior World Championships in Tenerife with Marie Dolphin National Coach. Results: Sarah O'Quigley out in the second round to England, Eimear Porter out in the second round to Venezuela, Shane O'Quigley out in the second round to Dominican republic & Kian Porter out in the first round to Slovakia. Some very good performances by these young athletes hoping to build on their experience at the biggest competition in the world.

L->R: Marie Dolphin, Eimear Porter, Sarah O'Quigley, Shane O'Quigley & Kian Porter.


Compete in the Irish International Open

IKKI Irish Open

Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland competed in the Irish International Open which took place at the newly built National Indoor Arena, Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland. It was a fantastic occasion with over 600 entries from 13 countries. Attending the Irish Open, L->R: John Dolphin (IKKI asst. kata coach), Evan Donelan, Shane Kilkenny, Pamela Nee, Eimear Porter, Sarah O’Quigley, Kian Porter, Shane O’Quigley, Una Flynn, David Feury & Marie Dolphin (IKKI Kata Coach). Kneeling: Niall Costello, Danny Coen & Tommy Nee. Insert, Cerys Porter. Sitting: April Curran, Darragh Blake, Shane Hyland & Joshua Judge. Insert, Leo Mulvany, IKKI Chief Instructor (Referee on the day).
Congratulations to all competitors for wonderful performances and to the coaches for their hard work ahead of events and continued success.
Medal winners: Eimear Porter - Gold: Kata. Pamela Nee - Silver: Kata.
Sarah O’Quigley, April Curran, Evan Donelan, Shane O’Quigley, Shane Kilkenny & Kian Porter: Bronze in kata:


IKKI Compete in the IKIF 2017 International Karate Championships, Shanghai, China

Team Ireland with Soke Sadaaki Sakagami, President of Itosu-Ryu Karatedo International Federation (IKIF)

IKKI in IKIF world championships China

IKKI Competed in the 2017 Itosu-Kai Karatedo International Federation (IKIF) karate championships in Shanghai, China. Kata took place on the 18/8/2017 and Kumite on the 19/8/2017. IKKI team Ireland led by team manager Leo Mulvany (IKKI Chief Instructor) and kata coaches Marie Dolphin, John Dolphin and kumite coach, Shane Dolphin, had outstanding success with 20 competitors taking 20 medals in all, 4 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze making this the most successful IKIF international for Ballinasloe based Itosu-Kai Karatedo Ireland. IKKI have competed in 5 IKIF internationals to date: Tokyo in 2002, Los Angeles in 2005, Kuala Lumpur in 2009, Osaka in 2013, Shanghai in 2017 and forthcoming 2021 IKIF international will be in Denmark.

Standing L->R: Niall Costello, Laura Nee, Eimear Porter, Pamela Nee, Shane Dolphin, David Feury, Una Flynn, Karen Dolphin, Jean Kennedy, Tommy Nee. Sitting: Tony Dolphin, Leo Mulvany, Marie Dolphin & John Dolphin. Kneeling: Niamh Costello, Laura Costello, Philip Costello & Sean Armstrong Foley. (missing from photo but in top photo, Jade Goldbey & Leon Hiddleston).

Results: Laura Costello - bronze/kumite, Eimear Porter - gold kata/silver kumite, Jade Goldbey - bronze kata, Una Flynn - bronze kumite, David Feury - silver team kumite, Karen Dolphin - bronze kata, Shane Dolphin - silver kumite/silver team kumite/bronze kata, Pamela Nee - gold kata/silver kumite, Laura Nee - bronze kata, Marie Dolphin - gold kata/silver kumite, John Dolphin - silver team kumite/bronze kumite, Tony Dolphin - silver team kumite, Leo Mulvany - gold kumite/silver team kumite.

Congratulations to all competitors, coaches in Shanghai and at home, IKKI dojo instructors, parents and family for thier continued support and success.



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